In America we have the priviledge ┬áto vote for the people that we want. This can go to electing from president to a senator. So with this priviledge why don’t we embrace it and do it. If we don’t vote then the people who we want to win have less of a chance of being elected. We need to vote because everyone of them count. If there are 100 people and 60 like the republican and 40 like the democrat and only 50 people vote then the results will be very bad. If all 40 of the democratic people vote and only 10 of the republican vote then the democrats will win when the republican are favored.

So if people don’t vote for the party or canidate that they want, then the results may be very bad and turn out against what the majority of the people think. If you think that your vote wont make a difference, you are wrong. This is because if alot of people think this then alot of votes wont come in and the people who deserve to win will be losing there chance.

So in conclusion everyone who has a opinion should vote for the canidate that they want. It is not hard to do and only take minimal time. Also this will severely help the canidate because they need all the votes they can get to win. If you do not have a opinion on who should be elected make a educated guess. This may help the world by having the person elected change the world.

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