Korea Research Test

Comparing the Koreas How is each country governed? Who are the leaders of North Korea and South Korea? How did they come to power? How would you characterize their leadership?

– North Korea’s government is governed as a dictatorship. The leader is very unfair and is making thing hard for North Korea. On the other hand South Korea is governed by a republic. It seems that when the Koreas’ broke up South Korea got better and North Korea got much worse. The leader of North Korea is Kim Jong Il, the leader of South Korea is Lee Myung-bak. The north korean leader I would characterize as a dictator and I would characterize the South Korean leader as a Republican.

Currency and Current Conditions How did currency devaluation contribute to hardships for North Koreans? What has North Korea come to rely on China to provide? Why? How did South Korea help North Korea in the past? As a result, what is the attitude of some South Koreans toward last week’s attack?

The currency devaluation was one of the worst disasters to North Korea that actually killed thousands of people. They have come to China and they need them to provide them with money and other items to help people stay alive. South Korea used to help North Korea by providing them with weapons and they responded my shooting at them. They were very upset and said the next time this happens they will fire back. They were extrwamly surprised by the attack.

Life in North and South Korea: How is life different for the people of North and South Korea? What freedoms do the citizens of each nation have? How do their chief concerns compare? What are the main industries and sources of income, and what is the standard of living in each country? Why have more people been fleeing North Korea?

People in South Korea have been living in a Republic while the people North Korea have been living in a dictatorship. The people of South Korea have better living conditions and more freedom then North Korea because there main concerns are different. The people in North Koreas leader is insane and his concern is gaining power for himself and South Koreas concern is for the people. Men have been fleeing North Korea because it is terrible there living in a dictatorship.

Inter-Korea Relations: What events led to the Nov. 23 exchange of fire between North Korea and South Korea? Why are tensions running particularly high now? What has North Korea revealed about its nuclear weapons capability? What does each country blame the other for, regarding the events on Nov. 23?

There has been high tension between the two countries and on Nov. 23rd North Korea attacked South Korea with heavy bombs killing people and setting houses on fire. People are now afraid that a war will break out and that is why the tensions are running high. North Korea has now shown that they are capable of blowing up South Korea with nuclear weapons. They both blame each other for the attack saying that South Korea did things to make North Korea do this and South Korea disagrees and more tension is building up.

Border lines:

The island is in the middle of North and South Korea and they are fighting over it. They both seem to think the land is theirs. They blame America for the problem because they named a body of water North and it does not belong to them as long of they claim. North Korea tried to redraw the line to make the property theres and South Korea got angry and refused to let them do that.


Other nations would basicley take out there nuclear weapons and nuke them and kill all of them. China now helps them and gives them weapons and needs to help them win the battle. If they help them win the battle they will gain and win things. They are trying to get them to be more like America. They will become friends with them and gain necessities like oil. This way they get things they need.


1. Gets Nuclear Weapons – They get nuclear weapons and they are activating them, scaring the world on what they will do with them.

2. Battle nov. 23rd,- North and South Korea have a battle and North fires weapons at South

3. Fight Over land- North and South Korea argue over a peice of land and who it belongs to

4. Korea Splits – North and South parts of Korea are disagreeing and they need to split

5. Korean War- War between North and South Korea causing them to split

6. Truce – The truce ends the war but not the rivalry between the two

7. Kim Jong Il – A crazed leader takes controll of North Korea and he thinks he has special powers

8. America’s involvement – America gives them everything they need to help them win the war so that they can turn them into a capitolist country

9. People want Kim Jong- Il out- Everyone including some people from North Korea want Kim Jong Il out of the country. He caims he will leave in september but they want him out now

10. Present day- Nothing important has happened yet but hopefully soon Kim Jong- Il will leave office and resign to another leader to restore order to North Korea

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