Technology Revolutions

The world is a imperfect place where fights, disagreements, and wars break out all the time. People do not always agree with what’s going on in there country or the world. When your leader is a dictator it is hard to protest without being harmed. Technology has made protests and revolutions much easier, this way you can find people who agree with you much easier by looking at groups and you can also post your opinion on what you feel on certain sites.

Face book has many different ways of communicating, you can post what you feel, look at what other people are doing, and a important one – join groups. Groups on face book range from artists you like to opinions you have. If you join a group, you can find people who feel the same way as you. Also you can post what you feel about certain things you feel. This way everyone can say what they want and start a “silent” revolution to make things the way that they want them. By protesting alone, it is very dangerous and most people would be scared to.

Another way technology has spread a revolution is all of the websites that you can post things on. There is not only facebook but also sites such as youtube and twitter. You can post videos on youtube giving information on how things are and what you feel 0n the situation and on twitter you can say things to people following you giving them information and links about what is happening. This way people who feel the same way you do can easily share information and stop whats happening in Egypt by sending and viewing each others ideas and information.

When something happens that you dont like in the world (Egypt) and you are to afraid to stand up for them ( for good reason ) the internet is a great reasource to help. They have groups you can join where you can follow what is happening. You can follow twitter and have constant information being texted to you about the situation. You can watch videos on situations on youtube, all of this informing you how to help and stop what you need to stop. This is instead of having to preform protests in your area risking your life. The new technology is creating revolutions in Egypt helping.

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