Lybia Questions

1. Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi is a oppressive dictator who is unfortunately in control of Lybia at the moment. He was in power without trouble for a while but then the people started to rebel. Now Muammar is attacking them and killing many people he calls “rebels”.

2. Lybia is on the world map and is on the top of Africa.

3. American and Europeans are forced to go to Lybia because the U.N. has set up a no fly zone in Lybia and they are not honoring it. The U.N. is now going there to enforce the no fly zone and if they fly planes they will shoot them down. They had to go when they dishonored the no fly zone.

4. The goals of the attacks for Muammar are to stop the rebels from rebelling agianst them and for the Americans to enforce the no fly zone.

5. The results of the Rebel forces so far have not been sucessful enough. They have been boomed and shot down alot. They are all getting killed.

6. A no fly zone is a place in a area where no plane, jet, fighter can fly over. The U.N. issued one in Lebanon but they didn’t honor it and now big armies are going to enforce it.

7. The United States have been hesitant to intervene with it because they don’t want to go to war with Lybia. They have oil and they think if we stop this we will get oil. They don’t want to get into another countries buiseness either.

8. I feel like this is a extreemly bad idea. The Arabs already hate us and if we go in there, they may take it as a attack and then start another war with us. We should just do what the U.N. says and thats all and if we make that clear then it will be okay.

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